Windows 10X — Finally A Worthy Chrome OS Competitor?

A leaked version of Microsoft’s Windows 10X has appeared, and it looks like a lightweight version of Windows 10, ready to take on ChromeOS. While the OS is yet to release, a near-final working build of the OS has leaked. Windows 10X is a satripped-down version of Windows 10. It is not the upgrade or replacement of the current Windows 10 but the web OS.


  • Windows 10X is a web-first OS.
  • It has a new Adaptive Taskbar that features a centered design.
  • Windows 10X features dynamic wallpapers change content depending on different factors.
  • It provides a new user interface which can adjust depending on the posture of your device.
  • It don’t require anti-virus because it is more secure and reliable.

Google’s Chromebooks have been the number one choice for students and light users for a while now. Microsoft did have Windows, but it was too heavy of an Operating System to ship in a Chromebook like device.

So, Microsoft decided to cancel their plans on making the Windows 10X a dual-screen UI, and make it an Operating System for light laptops.

Originally, it was designed for the Surface Neo- a dual-screen device with two 9-inch displays that fold out and combine to make a full 13-inch workspace.

However, Microsoft announced last year that the Surface Neo was delayed, and the Windows 10X is now being converted to a single device UI.

The Ui Design

Right off the bat, Windows 10X looks a lot cleaner and minimal than Windows 10. Take the taskbar for an example. It is usually one of the most crowded places in Windows 10, but with Windows 10X, you get a taskbar with centre aligned icons and minimum clutter.

It has also been simplified by killing off choices and making things simpler. For example, there’s no Cortana voice control or other bloatware during the setup process.

The Start Menu has also improved in Windows 10X. It now has less clutter and comes with a universal search box which allows you to search for applications, files and online content.

You also get a much cleaner quick actions tab, which pops up and shows notifications and quick toggles like Do not Disturb, Location, Volume Control, Cast, VPN, among others. A new media playback control widget has also been added to the quick actions tab.

It also has a host of new animations embedded in the UI. For example, the application icons bounce when you minimise them. As of now, you don’t get an option to resize app windows.

Storage And Applications

It is a web-based OS, just like the ChromeOS, which means you can’t store files locally. You can only access files on OneDrive or an external USB storage device.

The app support is also minimal here, as it does not support x86 applications yet. Nevertheless, it does support Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) from the Edge browser and Universal Windows Platform Apps (UWPs) from the Microsoft Store.

Another feature in Windows 10X is the support for dual-apps or a split-screen. To run two applications side by side, you can simply drag an app window to the left or right. The split-screen works flawlessly here and will work even more splendidly with the dual-screen devices.

Updates And Security

Don’t we all hate updating our devices with a new Windows update? Well, it will also improve on the updates and security front.

Installation of updates will be done in the background, and a restart is all you’ll need to get it done. It will also be more secure than Windows 10.

Windows 10X is an all-new Operating System, and can’t be installed in the devices currently running Windows 10. It’ll come with fresh hardware, but right now, there is no news on which brands’ devices will ship with Windows 10X.


It doesn’t look like a lousy effort to take on ChromeOS. The UI is smoother and cleaner, and the changes are also significant.

Only time will tell how it’ll fare against Chrome OS. But by the looks of it, Windows 10X does make a worthy competitor.

Frequently Asked Questions ??

What is Windows 10X?

It is a web-first OS.

Does this replace desktop Windows 10?

No, it will release in parallel to desktop release of windows 10.

Do you need antivirus on Windows 10X?

No, and that’s one of the big things in its favour.

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